четверг, 26 июня 2014 г.

Moved to the new blog

Guys,I moved to the new blog French Cactus. Hope to see you there :)

среда, 4 июня 2014 г.

Get a summer dress!

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пятница, 30 мая 2014 г.


Today I finally have a little bit of free time and Im writing a post.Yesterday I made one of the four exams and I hope that the results are going to be good.Anyways,I wasnt even nervous at all,I guess thats because joga helped me to calm down a lot.And yes,I have started doing joga and I finally doing it with a coach and not alone with videos,that probably are not helping at all,cause I was doing a lot of mistakes.Joga is amazing,I should say and i advice everyone to give it a try.After the first lesson you already feeling the difference,cause you feeling really good and happy and its very good for your body.
Also yesterday I recevied this amazing denim jacket and I immideatly wanted to make an outfit with it.So here it is :)
Jacket and Crop Top-Asos/Pants,Cap,Necklace-H&M/Backpack-Mango/Trainers-Nike/Tattoo Necklace-Ebay

среда, 21 мая 2014 г.

Get a T-shirt for summer :)

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понедельник, 19 мая 2014 г.

Lace and Denim

Exams are closer and closer..It less then two weeks before I will have the first exam and Im a bit nervous,but I hope that everything will be fine,except that on the exams there will be a lot of camera's everywhere watching us and metal detectors,looking if we have any phones or anything.Seems like they take us as prisoners.
The good news is that Im finally going to joga.I was doing it at home with vidoes and I think that I was making a lot of mistakes and I should do it with a coach and everything will be correct.Plus its a good way to relax after a hard day and all these exams and make my body strong,flexable and better.So on wednesday I wll have my first class and Im very excited.
And last but not least,I wanted to share with my outfit that I was wearing yesterday and today.It was really chilly the past two days,so I had to wear a jacket and I paired it with a lace dress,that is one of my favorite and for casual day I have converse as always and to make a pop of color i added a neon orange satchel.
ActuallyI think that a lace dress,denim jacket,converse and a satchel is a really good combo.Its very stylish and comfortable for a casual day.

Luv you,

Dress-H&M/Jacket-Miss Sixty/Shoes-Converse/Bag-Cambridge Satchel/

Summer Sale

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пятница, 16 мая 2014 г.

Everyday Casual Outfit

Today I wanted to share with you my everyday casual outfit,that Ive been wearing a lot recently.Its been really hot in our city lately,so rompers are a great choice and if it gets a bit chilly in the evening,I just throw on a cardigan and Im good to go. I have choosen my white converse to wear with that,they are like my besties and Im simply wearing them every day.And as usual I wear my over shoulder bag,that are the most comfy bags(and packpacks too).Also I have some 90s accessories and round sunglasses and Im obsessed with them right now.
Now Im reading a really wonderful book and soon I will make a new rubric on my blog,where I will talk about my favorite books,Im going to write an overview and my feelings about it.Hope you will like it.

Luv you,

Romper-Motel Rocks/Shoes-Converse/Bag-Aldo/Sunglasses-Asos/Bracelets-H&M/Choker-Ebay/